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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your style?

My style is best-described as earthy, whimsical, playful, and intricate. My arrangements portray a fresh-from-the-field vibe.

What are you prices?

As all couples are unique, so are the prices per each event. Prices are dependent on varieties and quantities of flowers and mechanics used, and shape and size of floral designs. There is no minimum to book with Black Bantam Florals, as we will work with all budgets to achieve meaningful, beautiful floral arrangements.

How is Black Bantam Florals different from other florists?

What's unique about Black Bantam Florals is that a majority of the ingredients I use in my arrangements is homegrown, or locally sourced. If there is a type of flower that is not in season or cannot be found locally, only then will I use non-local flowers ordered through a wholesaler.

As part of my initiative to grow and use flowers that are environmentally-responsible, I do not use chemicals, pesticides, or dyes on my flowers. I pick my flowers the day before or day of arranging, to guarantee freshness. I also avoid products (such as floral foam) that could be harmful to health or the environment, and instead use sustainable mechanics for all design work.

When your event is booked, the rest of the calendar in that weekend is closed off, to ensure that your event has my full attention.

Lastly, because we offer rentals, you have the ease of working with one less vendor. 

You said you don't dye flowers - do you use any dyed flowers for arrangements?

In efforts to keep my arrangements as natural-looking and environmentally-friendly, I do not use anything that has been dyed.

What's the booking process?

Step 1: Submit an inquiry

Step 2: Connect with me and complete detailed questionnaire

Step 3: Meet for a free consultation

Step 4: Receive Visual Proposal & Price Poposal

Step 5: Approve proposals, sign contract & pay %25 retainer fee to book your wedding date

What can I expect while we work together?

Once booked, we will continue to discuss design elements, I will send artistic renderings of design plans, we will discuss details such as ribbons or desired items to include in your flatlay. I will be in touch with any relevant vendors, and will continue to check in regarding anything you may need to ensure that your wedding day looks exactly as you imagine!

What do you do with the flowers after an event?

That's up to you! If you choose not to take them home with you or give them to guests, I will either donate them to local non-profits or they will be composted.

What area do you serve?

I serve the Great Rochester and Finger Lakes region, including but not limited to: Shortsville, Canandaigua, Farmington, Geneva, Fairport, Ontario, Mendon, Bloomfield, Honeoye, Honeoye Falls, Pittsford, Webster, Williamson, Naples, Henrietta and more!

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